Celebrating 90 years of Service to Business in Hornsby and the Hornsby Community

Established since 1919 by a group of business owners, the Hornsby & District Chamber of Commerce & Industry or Hornsby Chamber of Commerce as it was first named, has witnessed and been an integral part of the growth and changes in Hornsby Shire.

There have been many initiatives by the Chamber over the years to further the economic development of the Shire. Some were way ahead of their time. For instance, in 1921 the Chamber initiated late night Friday shopping!

This was a social highlight of the week as the retailers stayed open late, the residents dressed in their finery and strolled the triangle, Hornsby Brass Band played at one end and the Salvation Army Band the other. “Soapbox” speakers dotted the streets sprouting their convictions on politics and religion.

Our Events

The Hornsby Chamber of Commerce holds several regular monthly events with great networking opportunities.

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Our events include networking, 30 second soapbox opportunities at most events, interesting speakers, casual meetups and social functions.

Regular Events:

Business After Hours: 1st Tuesday of the month

Informal Lunches: 3rd Thursday of the month