5 ways to sell more on social media by Heather Porter

When it comes to marketing, social media is a discovery platform.


Blog by Heather Porter, Website Love

This means people are not scrolling through their feeds or swiping through their stories to be sold to in most cases. They are happy to discover new brands that might interest them though.  So how do you sell your services and products with this in mind?

1) Warm up new audiences
Share content that is educational or entertaining, but does not directly sell.  Posts that share behind the scenes, how-tos and product demos for example are a good place to start.

2) When selling use ‘FOMO’
Roughly 1/3 of the time focus on promoting what you do. If you are warming up audiences, and providing them with enough value, they will be interested in doing business with you. Try using the ‘fear of missing out’ in your posts with limited specials, deals or other reasons to buy now.

3) Test different types of posts
Try video and images, live and pre-recorded and long vs short captions.  We all like to consume different types of posts so by mixing it up the algorithms have a chance to show the right posts to the right people based on their preference.

4) Know your metrics
Find out which posts are working best and do more of them.  Check your insights inside your social media accounts, use Google Analytics or use other trackable links for your website traffic or even coupon codes specific to your posts.

5) Be consistent
The key to getting more engagement, and therefore better reach and better results organically, is to post consistently and stick to a plan. If it helps, use scheduling tools or find someone who can create posts for you.

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