Boxhead Plastics – Your local social enterprise, manufacturing golf tees from scrap car bumper bars and diverting this plastic waste from our local landfill.

Boxhead Plastics – Your local social enterprise, manufacturing golf tees from scrap car bumper bars and diverting this plastic waste from our local landfill

Meet Bec Healy, CEO of Boxhead Plastics an Australian-based (Berowra exactly) not-for-profit social enterprise who is taking car bumpers out of landfill and turning them into golf tees! We love Bec’s passion to be sustainable and to make a difference – check out the interview below where we get an insight into her business start-up!

Why did you start your business?

Only 11.5% of Australian plastic waste is recycled. I knew Australia had a plastic waste problem, but I did not realise we were at crisis point. With china no longer acting as the world recycler I felt I had to try and help tackle our plastic problem.

What’s the story behind your business?

I started out with a small extruder in our two bedroom apartment in Redfern in 2016. I then went on to do a Polymer Technician course in 2018 at Lidcombe TAFE and I am now a certified polymer technician and experienced plastic injection mould operator.

This year, I transitioned from a 15 year career with our local electricity company to spend more time working for Boxhead Plastics and caring for our two year old son.

What are the benefits of your products and services?

Our launch products are golf tees. The Boxhead golf tee is the only golf tee manufactured in Australia that is recycled and recyclable. Globally, 1.5 billion golf tees are sold every year with the vast majority manufactured from virgin plastics or forested trees.

Our innovative processes transform low-grade plastic waste (car bumper bars) into our high performance, durable and recyclable golf tees.

The Boxhead golf tee offers the golf industry a way to increase its sustainable environmental management of the game.

Boxhead Plastics is proud to be 100% Australian made and owned, supporting local businesses and employment.

How do you help your customers?

Only three golf tees in the global marketplace are made from recycled plastic; The Boxhead Tee, Tour Tee and EcoGolf Tee. The Boxhead Tee is cheaper than the Tour Tee and Boxhead packaging is eco-friendly unlike Tour Tee and EcoGolf Tee.

Our customers are saying they that The Boxhead Golf Tee is the only golf tee made in Australia and is the only golf tee made from waste plastic car bumper bars. They say our golf tees have great performance on the golf course and last a long time.

What is unique about you and your business?

  • We’re bringing manufacturing back to Australia.
  • We’re driven by a woman in manufacturing.
  • We have a uniquely Australian story.
  • Our local supply chain and industry partnerships support us to have this material locally processed, suitable for injection moulding.

Why are you passionate about your area of work?

There is no reason why plastic should be going to landfill. Plastic is such a valuable commodity that can be easily recycled and remanufactured. For me and our board, it is about protecting the Australian environment and giving back to our local community.

How do you keep yourself and your team motivated?

I try to take it one day at a time, one step at a time. Starting a business is full of uncertainty, more so with a social enterprise. It is the generosity of those in our community that work for us and with us that has made Boxhead Plastics a success.

Working hard and getting results is the real buzz, seeing our golf tees on shelves and calculating the plastic waste diverted from landfill makes it all worth while

Why do you love being a local Hornsby Shire business?

Hornsby Shire has so much to offer small business. Our local chamber is super active and offers connectivity and support, bringing the community business together.

I do not feel isolated but woven into the fabric of this area and its people.

We have received an immense amount of support which has brought Boxhead Plastics this far and I know that we will continue to succeed in this area and be able to be a part of this altruistic movement of community and local business

Why are you a member of the Hornsby Chamber?

I love the family feel and support and connectivity with our chamber. We are all in it together. Our regular events and causal catch ups keep us up to date on what’s happening in our community. I know that we all want to see each other succeed and we will always put our hand out to assist each other on our business journeys.

Why do you think small businesses are so important to the local communities and Australian economy?

They can more easily understand local community needs and address them. We can support each other. We bring in local money from local customers. We have the opportunity to give recognition to our community on the broader stage bringing in out of state or overseas business and interest. We can collectively make change for the good of our local people.

Who inspires you and why?

My mother, father, husband and baby Eli. They are kind and giving people, they care for our environment. My mother was a recycling pioneer way before it became a fashion. My dad is the tools guy, being a retired electrician, has taught me everything I know about working with my hands and head. My husband is so smart and knows big words, oh, and is patient…. I need more of that 😊 and our baby, well toddler, is a champ, despite a lot of road blocks in his already short life, he continues to take each day as it comes with smiles and laughter.

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