How to Get Your Business Growing and Profitable, And Still Have Time for The Fun Things in Life!

How to Get Your Business Growing and Profitable, And Still Have Time for The Fun Things in Life!

Steve Becchio is a Business Advisor (MBA) and the owner of Reboot Business Strategies. He is an author, entrepreneur, qualified business consultant, blogger, technology expert of 30 + years, and an advocate and supporter of small business owners.

Reboot Business Strategies will get you more leads, sales and profits – fast!

Why did you start your business? 

I enjoy working with a diverse range of small to medium-sized business owners, it is incredibly satisfying and provides the opportunity to get faster results while using my skills and experience in interesting ways.

Small to medium business owners are on the front lines of business combat where even small improvements make a difference and can deliver impressive results, getting results quickly is always satisfying.

Often a business owners’ personal life is impacted by what is happening in their business so it’s a bonus in this profession to be able to have a positive effect on both, by improving success in one.

What’s the story behind your business? 

I started out working in a bank and saw people boxed into a cubicle for life, working for 40 years and waiting for the gold pen and a pension. I knew that wasn’t for me and that’s why start-ups and entrepreneurial ventures have been a significant part of my work for the past 15 years – especially when it comes to technology and the finance sector.

Reboot consulting is the next logical step where many of the lessons learned during those “lean and mean” years can be combined with proven business strategies gained from my academic background to help small to medium business owners thrive.

I understand the pressures faced and the “feast/famine” cycle that plagues many business owners and their most important wants in two areas.

  1. A reliable way to get quality leads, customers, and higher sales
  2. A strong and profitable business that is not 100% dependant on the owner

One of the biggest challenges over the last several years (especially the last 12 months) has been for business owners coming to terms with digital marketing. Reboot was started to help business owners navigate this change and help them navigate through a “digitized” world.

It has never been easier today to reach a market with your message, being able to combine traditional and digital marketing strategies without spending a fortune can put a business owner way ahead of the competition. In most cases, competitors have no idea what they are doing which provides a great opportunity that Reboot helps them take advantage of.

What are the benefits of your products and services? 

Reboot clients get “one on one” attention in areas such as lead generation, sales, and conversions, hiring, profitability. Many business owners want to structure for sale or handover to their kids to run which is smart thinking and something that is baked into the Reboot consulting process from the start of any engagement.

If you’re a business owner that’s stuck in a perpetual state of overwhelm then you’re going to need hands-on help to implement the right strategies is essential to help get you out of that rut, while at the same time building your self-reliance.

A lot of time goes into building a good working relationship and before I even start working with a business owner, we make sure we are a good fit for each other and can work together. If a business owner wants to achieve a result and I think I can help them get that, then I will work hard with them to make it happen, that’s the benefit of using reboot.

How do you help your customers? 

Using a proven consulting process that begins with an analysis of what outcomes you, as the client want, with a full diagnosis of all the issues in your business. This is sometimes painful but a completely necessary step that a lot of advisors’ skip.

This is followed by a strategic plan and an assisted implementation process that is designed to deliver a steady stream of results with a sustained improvement in your business. These results are measured weekly and monthly and use specific criteria to ensure real progress.

Together we focus on the precise areas of your business that need work and have access to a network of specialised skills in marketing, sales, copywriting, recruitment, technology, tools, and systems along the way.

Every business and every individual are different so once I begin working with a business owner, we might find one or two key areas that need attention. The issue may be time management, psychological, whatever the barrier is to a client’s success will be the focus to work on and focus is the key to success in business.

What is unique about you and your business? 

A lot of consulting practices come in, take your money, give advice, and then leave. Reboot is a “working with you” results-focused service so if you’re not getting results quickly then you’re not getting good service (high fives should be flying within the first 90 days)

With the reboot approach, you will receive a proper diagnosis, and only then, a prescribed course of action designed to get rapid results. This builds your confidence and generates cash that quickly covers your investment in the consulting program, it is key that you get results quickly and start generating cash as soon as possible from the work we do.

With the reboot treatment, the objective is to develop both the business and the owner so that you not only know “what” to do but also “why”. As the business owner, you play a key role in transforming your business, so over time you create an asset that runs under your direction, rather than something that eats up all your time with boring and frustrating work.

Why are you passionate about your area of work? 

Many business owners are overwhelmed by the day-to-day running of their business so it’s very satisfying to come in and within a very short amount of time – get fast results that boost their morale, confidence and inspires more action to get more results.

I love to put in place systems that can save several or more hours of work for a client over the course of a week or month, time is the most valuable commodity I know of. Having control of a well-run business can create such a profound difference in an individual’s life and the satisfaction of achieving this goes beyond any monetary benefit.

How do you keep yourself and your team motivated? 

Success creates motivation and that creates the drive to create more success; that and having a clear set of goals and objectives.

I am also part of a larger network of business advisors where we share ideas, problems, and solutions, review ad copy, strategies, etc. – staying connected to others is essential.

Why do you love being a local Hornsby Shire business?

Although I work for clients across Sydney and overseas, Hornsby is a great place to live and is a growing business hub. There are a lot of vibrant and very smart business operators in the local area, I see the region becoming a major commercial center in the coming years.

Hornsby has a great local community as well, I’ve just become involved in helping the local scouts with their annual “gang show” that is a perfect example of an organisation struggling with the reality of physical lockdown and transforming itself to a digital model.

Why do you think small businesses are so important to the local communities and Australian economy?

Small business is the biggest employer in Australia (around 60%) and contributes the most to employment growth and roughly 30% of GDP. Small businesses give people direction over their lives and form the biggest group of innovators in this country.

It’s not just about the numbers though, many families within the local community are small business operators so their success has a direct on the quality of life of those that run them, their families, and the people they employ.

Who inspires you and why? 

Russel Brunson, David Ogilvy, and Dan Kennedy as legends in marketing, Steve Jobs as an innovator and technologist, and Warren Buffet who is a reminder that any challenge can be overcome with vision and hard work.

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