Round 2 of Innovation District Challenge is now open

The Innovation Districts Challenges are designed to accelerate the commercialisation of research products that address the impacts of COVID-19 by businesses in partnership with universities and CSIRO in NSW.  The total funding pool available for each Challenge round is $500,000.

Challenge themes align with the NSW Government ‘Respond, Recover and Reform’ approach to COVID-19.

This second challenge calls for solutions that strengthen the economic resilience of NSW business to recover from the impact on COVID-19.

Projects might address problem areas including;

  • business sectors most impacted by COVID-19, such as tourism, international education
  • ongoing supply chain weaknesses and sovereign supply chain capacity
  • strengthening local communities in the management and recovery from outbreaks.

Working together as a partnership between Macquarie University, CSIRO and Western Sydney University, would like to get the word out throughout our district that there is no better time to innovate and grow to help us tackle the challenges of COVID-19.  Expressions of Interest are now open, and close on 5th March at 12:00pm.

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