Everything graphic design with Aditi Janveja, Designer – F & G Creative

Everything graphic design with Aditi Janveja, Designer – F & G Creative

F&G Creative is a Sydney based graphic agency. They offer creative & visual communication solutions for all business and personal needs.

F&G specialises in logo design & corporate identity, branding, packaging, print, marketing collateral, publications, events, apparel design and much more….

They offer a complete print service as well from design, through to production.

Why did you start your business?

I started my business as I wanted to have something of my own, where I can have a variety of different work that will keep my creative juices alive; where I can plan my work the way it suits me. I wanted to meet and interact with different people who I can help and learn from. The satisfaction of being able to pursue my passion and have the flexibility of time was also a driving force for me to start my business.

What’s the story behind your business?

The story started when I passed out of graphic design college. I wanted to take on a job, but almost every agency wanted me to work for free as an intern, with no time limit. I had paid a huge fee for private college here in Sydney and I was also a qualified fashion designer with over 10 years of work experience, so I could not understand the ‘work for free’ concept. I did not agree to this in principal. Free internship to me made sense only while at college, not after.

So, ultimately, I decided to start my own company and help employ other designers too who were in the same situation. Two months after starting my business, I got a contract from Tennis Australia to design all the merchandise for the Australian Open of Tennis Grand Slam. I employed more designers and I was also featured in the news for being a local designer who was able to get such an esteemed contract. Glad I did what I did!

What are the benefits of your products and services?

My service is graphic design. Offering creative communication solutions to businesses is what I do. The benefits are that it is a personalised service where I have a close one on one interaction with clients. I spend time understanding their needs and their budgets and give them the best advice and solution, be it for their corporate identity, branding, marketing needs or advertising. I also help individuals make their dreams come true by planning print solutions for weddings, baby showers, christenings, events etc. I always believe in the fact that a good visual attracts like no other. Just like we are attracted to all things pretty, people are also attracted to businesses who brand themselves beautifully and look professional.

How do you help your customers?

I help my customers by helping them convey a clear message to their customers. Any artwork done for clients must have a clear message. It does not need to be overcrowded and confuse the narrative. It must do the job it is required to do, and my aim is to use my expertise and experience to guide customers achieve that through the creative solutions I offer.

What is unique about you and your business?

It is personalised, affordable and it is tasteful. I am very particular about the aesthetics of the work and will not rush into completing a job till I am completely satisfied myself. It’s also about quality of work and the experience clients have working with me. I believe in making every job my own and every client a friend.

Why are you passionate about your area of work?

I am very passionate about my business as I absolutely love design. I love to create new things, love colours, shapes, arrangements, and I am lucky that I could make that my profession. I love to solve problems, to meet new people, to learn new things; the satisfaction I get every time I get a good testimonial, drives my passion even more! I am self-driven and the more I work, the more motivated I get.

How do you keep yourself and your team motivated?

I usually don’t think too much about what I need to do, I just do it. I believe in action and I like to work with people who are passionate but light-hearted. I work on bite sized goals, celebrate the small achievements and prefer not to care about things that do not matter. I like to have fun too with those who work for me and I guess that’s where the motivation comes from. I believe in a “no free work” policy for artists and I pay them their due without any delays.

Why do you love being a local Hornsby Shire business?

The Hornsby region has about 15,000 businesses. It is a widely growing community with a wide range of opportunities. The council greatly supports this growth and I am loving being part of this upward trend while learning a lot in the process.

Why are you a member of the Hornsby Chamber?

I am a member of the chamber as I have seen that it is one big family. People are wonderful and helpful. The core Committee is voluntarily putting together so many initiatives to help businesses grow and prosper. It is an inspiring and enriching environment to be in and I am loving it! I am also looking forward to helping other businesses grow as that is what the ideals of the chamber are. It’s the perfect approach of helping people help one another!

Why do you think small businesses are so important to the local communities and Australian economy?

Strong businesses are an extremely important part of the economy. They help create employment and significantly contribute to the GDP of the country. They drive innovation and competitiveness. They foster local economies, keeping money close to home and supporting neighbourhoods and communities.

Who inspires you and why?

Good work inspires me. When I go to Pinterest or Esty, I can spend hours looking at the things people do, the photography, layouts, colours, ideas. Anything creative inspires me and I feel motivated to go into the creation mode myself. I am my biggest critic and I love to push myself every time, to do more, to do better!

To find out more about F&G Creative, visit their website page: F & G Creative