It’s all wheels and deals with Chris George from

It’s all wheels and deals with Chris George from

Finance Equipment is a local Mount Kuring-gai business, established in 2002, providing independent, impartial advice and financial products for businesses and business owners looking for equipment finance.

Why did you start your business?

After being promoted to a management role at a large bank, I no longer worked directly with clients and this is an area of my work that I enjoyed. Starting allowed me to work in close partnership with clients once again, enabling me to play a hands-on role in helping them achieve their goals.

What’s the story behind your business?

I worked for a large bank for 13 years, the last 7 of those working in a specialist equipment finance area. This allowed me to gain the industry experience and knowledge to start my own equipment & vehicle finance business. is small family business with myself (as director), and other family members helping out with various office administration tasks.

What are the benefits of your products and services?

As we are independent from any financial institution, our primary goal is to obtain the best deal for each client based upon their specific needs. Our service is free to our clients, as we are paid by the chosen lender.

As each lender remunerates us at the same rate, our only guide is what works best for our clients. Therefore, we remain 100% impartial to meet our clients commercial finance needs.

How do you help your customers?

We save clients time and money by helping clients obtain finance for vehicles and equipment, so they can concentrate on what they do best!

What is unique about you and your business?

People sometimes say: ‘it’s business, not personal’. With us, it is personal. We understand that a small business takes up much of the owner’s time and energy, whether they are on the premises or away for a weekend break. Their business is part of their makeup and deserves attention from business partners to get the best results.

Why are you passionate about your area of work?

We really enjoy seeing the success of our client’s businesses and feel pride in knowing we played some small part in making that happen!

How do you keep yourself and your team motivated?

I like to get out and meet with clients, kick the tyres, climb on the equipment or into the cab. The enthusiasm from those clients is infectious and addictive!

Why do you love being a local Hornsby Shire business?

This is a beautiful area to live and work, and easily accessible to many of my clients. Most of all it is the people, especially my fellow small business owners, with whom I share their enthusiasm and passions.

Why are you a member of the Hornsby Chamber?

I have found a great benefit in mixing with the fellow members, sharing common goals, experiences both good and bad – just having that outlet to share.

Why do you think small businesses are so important to the local communities and Australian economy?

Small business employs around 5 million people in Australia. The real benefits of using local small business is that much of the income is invested back into the local economy, including other local businesses.

Who inspires you and why?

Some of my favourite inspiration comes from my own clients. For example, the excavation company that owned 2 shovels and a wheelbarrow when I first met them. I helped them get finance for their first small truck. Recently I helped them fund 6 new excavators, and they now have around 40 employees.

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